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Live! at the barnhouse

New album by Greg hall

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Greg hall


In story and sound, the music of Greg Hall lives somewhere between the classic country tradition of Johnny Cash, and modern singer-songwriters like Josh Ritter. He leans on his upbringing on a farm in Connecticut, and the landscapes of western Massachusetts, where he lives today, as inspiration for upbeat country tracks and thoughtful folk tunes about loss, aging, identity and making sense of the weird modern world.  His latest release, Live! At The Barnhouse, shows off his ability to tell even more complex stories with a full band behind him. Though you'll feel the references in Greg Hall's music, and thoroughly enjoy his sly wink-and-a-nod style covers, audiences can also see that his unmatched musical fashions and studied approach is what's missing in modern folk and country. 


Greg Hall Live



Live! At The Barnhouse

by Greg Hall



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